Metaverse Consulting

perfomance & performative lecture
Martix Navrot


The performative lecture, consisted of a theoretical introduction and a visual essay, concluded with an invite to the pop-up Metaverse Consulting office, opened during Unsound.

Snoop Dogg's voxel joint? Travis Scott's giant avatar during a concert in Fortnite? Gucci Town in Roblox? Traversing swathes of digital lands, ‘hot research chix’ Martix Navrot and Kat Zavada explored virtual goods and services and new theories of value in the metaverse.

Metaverse Consulting

Move your business to the metaverse today! Become part of the virtual gold rush! Tailoring to individual needs, our specialists will develop strategies for you and your business, advising you on how to buy voxel land or tokenise yourself. As part of a two-day performance, Martix Navrot and Kat Zavada’s consulting firm will provide advice to companies and individuals planning to start or expand their business in the metaverse!