Digital art curator, researcher and cyber-kmieciówa. Part of Nerdka collective. Based in Warsaw, Poland.

Her research spans neoliberal tech utopias, South China Post’s newsletter, Reddit memes, and digital morarchies. He’s intrigued by topics related to post-work imaginaries, Eastern European postcolonialism, neofeudalism, data identity & data collection as an exercise of power. Currently researching technofeudalism through the lens of Polish feudal history.

Recent projects include: Technofeudalism – cartographies of digital monarchies (PhD thesis at Fine Art Academy of Cracow), PEREVIRKA – resistance infrastuctures (research project with Nerdka collective), Metaverse Consulting (performative lecture and performance at Unsound Festival with Martix Navrot), Nerdka gallery (co-founder & curator), Cyber-kmiećx (research project in collaboration with Jeremiasz Rzenno).

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*cyber-kmieciówa (“digital serf” in Polish, with a feminative)