Digital art curator, cyber-kmieciówa* and spirited technocrat ◔ᴗ◔. Sometimes based in the UK, sometimes based in Poland. Born in Kraków, Poland in 1990.

She made her first Masters Degree in Social Communication with a dissertation titled “The political image of the alt-right movement in Poland”. Kat participated in the organisation of several arts and culture projects such as CCA Glasgow’s programme for COP26, Cracow Gallery Weekend Krakers or her own contemporary art & experimental music festival – Nadmiar/Excess. She holds master degree in Curatorial (Practice Contemporary) Art at the Glasgow School of Art.
︎Master Thesis project: Before They Delete This

*cyber-kmieciówa (“digital serf” in Polish, with a feminative)

꧁ Curatorial Statement ꧂

Curation for me is a form of critical enquiry, knowledge creation and exchange. I use speculation as a method to investigate fringe or radical topics – to question the present by constructing alternative realities. My process bounces between academic rigour and humour, as I tackle academic themes in a sometimes non-academic manner.

My curatorial process has a rhizomatic structure, an assemblage of the political, economics, sociology, philosophy and pop culture. My research spans neoliberal tech utopias, South China Post’s newsletter, Reddit memes, Reza Negarestani’s tweets and conspiracy theories. I’m intrigued by topics related to post-work imaginaries, neofeudalism, data identity & data collection as an exercise of power. 

Each new project has its beginnings in a ︎‘curatorial crush’︎ which is born out of excitement, uncertainty and true admiration for an artist’s practice. This, I believe, leads to a dynamic collaboration full of challenging discussions and intellectual stimulations. Through my curatorial practice, I strive for genuine relations built upon trust and mutual respect, but foremost, openness to honest feedback and constructive critique.

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