Hot academic chic🔥Digital art curator, artist, researcher and cyber-kmieciówa. Part of Nerdka collective. Fulbright Junior Research Award grantee 2024-2025.

She is currently pursuing PhD 'Technofeudalism - cartographies of digital monarchies' at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. She holds an MA in Curatorial Practice (Contemporary Art) from The Glasgow School of Art.

Her research spans neoliberal tech utopias, South China Post’s newsletter, Reddit memes, and digital monarchies. She’s intrigued by topics related to technofeudalism & politics of software, data identity & data collection as an exercise of power as well as post-work imaginaries. Currently researching technofeudalism & feudal futurism 🏰

Recent projects include: Technofeudalism – cartographies of digital monarchies (PhD thesis at Fine Art Academy of Cracow), PEREVIRKA – resistance infrastuctures (research project with Nerdka collective), Metaverse Consulting (performative lecture and performance at Unsound Festival with Martix Navrot), Nerdka gallery (co-founder & curator), Cyber-kmiećx.

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