How do you feel in the new twenties? Maybe job automation and dark factories freak you out. Maybe you dream about accelerating “the process” or quite the opposite – you would rather let it all slow down. Maybe you have a deep feeling that the concept of work doesn’t work anymore. Maybe you are haunted by thoughts that we lost an ability to create anything new in terms of culture. Maybe you wonder how the world without genders would be like. Maybe an attempt to shift from the anthropocentric to non-human perspective is invading your headspace. Do you feel the ‘speculative turn’?
There are some radical ideas too bold to be accept now. Some of them will end up in the theory junkyard. Some will become common sense. Hyper Hyper takes those fringe, but complex concepts and tackle a microcosmos of their possible impact on art and artists situation. Each episode is a taught experiment in a form of ‘what if’. 

#1 Universal Basic Income 
After Andrew Young's presidential campaign UBI appears back in the public debate. In the first episode together with Glasgow based artist, Janie Nicoll, we speculate about receiving a Basic Income.
Janie Nicoll's work takes the form of site-specific installation using multiple digital images, which attempt to be visually engaging in a contentious or ambiguous way. She works with collage techniques, and digital photography to re-appropriate cultural references and signifiers within a process of translation, often creating an ironic dialogue with the viewer. 
Recent works have used what appears to be a low tech or homespun approach, to explore imagery connected to the urban landscape, the machinations of society and notions of masculinity, rebellion, clannish-ness and fraternity.
Co-produced by Jeremiasz Rzenno
Music intro by Szymon Sapalski/ paszka 
"Teoretyczka wyrzucania os"…-rozmn-ka

Curated by Kat Zavada
Many thanks to all people involved: Janie Nicoll, Jeremiasz Rzenno, Szymon Sapalski, Penny Anderson, Emalia Mattia, Miko Szatko, Toby P Lloyd, Cleo Goodman and Buddy Puked band.
Special thanks to Patrick Jameson for supervising the project.
Fragment from 'Revolution', a documentary film by Jack O'Connell made in San Francisco in 1967. O'Connell chronicles hippies who provide insight into their lifestyle.
Benjamin Noys, Malign Velocities: Accelerationism & Capitalism, Zero Books
2020 presidential candidate Andrew Yang on why he's push for a universal basic income,
Buddy Puked – Universal Basic Income, from The Acid Test of Cuckoldry, released April 3, 2017…utiful-income
Can Universal Basic Income Work? | Full Debate | Deidre McCloskey, Guy Standing,
Fully Automated Luxury Communism, Verso, 2019
An interview with Janie Nicoll, visual artists, February 2020
Miko Szatko, sound artist,
Toby P Lloyd, an artist currently undertaking a practice-based PhD in the Fine Art Department at Newcastle University.
Cleo Goodman, director of Citizen's Basic Income Network Scotland.

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